To introduce myself…

My name is David Constable and I first became interested in silver when my wife, Grace, bought me a silver Stilton scoop in 1998. It was the beginning of a passion as I began collecting pre-1700 silver spoons, followed by a range of other collectors’ items. I also commission contemporary silver items.

At the moment I am a member of both The Silver Spoon Club and The Company of Art Scholars, Dealers and Collectors, and a past chairman of The Silver Society.

My professional career has been as an engineer and entrepreneur. As a young man I undertook a blacksmithing and engineering apprenticeship and soon after set up my own business within the metalwork industry. In 1981 I founded Car Chair Ltd, which subsequently became Constables Ltd, a company specialising in the design and conversion of a range of vehicles for people who wish to travel in their wheelchair.